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Successful cases

Brake drum boring machine TC8365A

TC8365A-type brake drum boring machines are mostly applied to repair brake drum of various vehicles, thus to repair cars of garages, public transportation companies,and transport corps of industrial and mining enterprises for a special purpose.

1. Perfect performance. The best professional driving system, superior pillar slide-plate structure and fully functional operating system lead to approaching perfection.
2. Convenient to operate.
3. The function of tool post quick moving to workpiece provides convenient operation associating with micro tool feed.

4. The machine provides positive and negative tool feed to meet operators with different operating habits.
5. The tool post can quickly move up/down for close-range feed under a condition of non-rotating work piece.

6. Work piece can be rotated for convenient operation when tool carrier doesn’t move.
7. Slide plate can be moved up/down manually.

8. Right handwheel enables convenience for shift gear.

9. With quick speed and high efficiency, the machine provides quick up/down moving to improve production efficiency. Moreover, the function of positive and negative feed saves processing time by not lifting slide plate for secondary feed.

10. High rigidity. Superior spindle structure enables the processing of ellipsoid distorting and surface hardening braking parts.
11. This machine applies to general car types. It can process brake drum of Jiefang, Dongfeng, Yellow River, Yuejin, Beijing130, Steyr, Hongyan, etc. As well as the followings: Zhongmei shaft, York Shaft, Kuanfu Shaft, Fuhua Shaft, Anhui Shaft, four major types, BPW Shaft, JAC car type, Steyr front wheel.

Main Specifications


Boring diameter mm

brake drum


brake disc


Vertical travel of tool post mm


Spindle Speed r/min


Vertical Feeding capacity mm/r


Cross feed of tool post mm/r


Vertical moving speed of tool post mm/min


Motor Power kw


Overall Dimensions(L x W x H) mm

1140 x 900 x 1600

Weight kg


Vertical brake brum boring machine T8360A/B
Brake drum boring machine T8358A
Vertical brake brum boring machine T8362
Brake drum boring machine T8370

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