Zaozhuang Longshan machine tool Co.,Ltd is one of the manufacturer bases of heavy-duty machines in China, it has become a high-tech enterprise integrated with scientific research, production-manufacturing, operation & export business,etc.
The main products include MK series Gantry Guideway Grinding Machines, XH series Gantry Machine Centers, XK series CNC Plano Millers,  X20 series heavy/XQ20 series light Plano Millers, BXMQ20 series light Gantry Planer Milling Machines, BXM series super heavy/heavy Gantry Planer Milling Machines, X12 series Face Milling Machines & Automobile Maintenance Equipments like Cylinder boring machine /fine boring machine T8018A,T8018B,T8018C; Vertical brake drum boring machines T8358A, T8358A-S, T8360A, T8360B, TC8365A, T8360A-W, T8360A-Y, T8362, T8366, T8370, TS8365; Brake drum(disc) lathes C9335, C9365, C9365A; Cylinder honing machine 3M9816 and so on.
MK series guideway grinding machines
XH series gantry machine centers
XK series CNC gantry milling machines
X20 series heavy/XQ20 series light gantry milling machine
Planer milling/grinding machine
X12 series face milling machine
T8018 series of cylinder boring machine
Cylinder honing machine 3M9816
Vertical brake drum boring machine
Brake drum/disc lathe
Hydrailic cold riveting machine
Horizontal hydraulic brake shoe riveting machine
XM series spinning rivetter
Milling/grinding heads
Successful cases

【产品名称】:Brake drum/disc cutting machine T8465
【产品类别】:Brake drum/disc lathe
【简要说明】: Model T8465 Brake drum diameter mm 220-650(Optional for
【产品名称】:Brake drum/disc cutting machine T8445
【产品类别】:Brake drum/disc lathe
【简要说明】: Item T8445 Brake drum diameter mm 200-450(Optional for m
【产品名称】:Cylinder boring machine T8018A
【产品类别】:T8018 series of cylinder boring machine
【简要说明】: Main Specifications T8018A Processing Diameter mm 30-180(Wi
【产品名称】:Brake disc lathe C9365A
【产品类别】:Brake drum/disc lathe
【简要说明】: Main Specifications C9365A Processing Diameter of Brake Disc m
【产品名称】:Brake drum boring machine TC8365A
【产品类别】:Vertical brake drum boring machine
【简要说明】:TC8365A-type brake drum boring machines are mostly applied to repair brake drum
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